The FBI Just Hit a New Low [VIDEO]

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Former FBI Director J Edgar Hoover is spinning in his grave, probably fast enough to throw the earth off its rotational axis. Current FBI Director James Comey, in testimony before the Congress earlier this week, actually went so far as to plead with Members of Congress not to call the FBI “weasels.” He actually said that.

That was a pretty weak attempt, Director Comey. In fact, you are a weasel. You have compromised the FBI so badly that the next president should demand that the words “Fidelity Bravery Integrity” be removed from the FBI seal. You have none of those things.

I also thought it was hilarious the Trey Gowdy noted that 9 Democrats were able to discuss Hillary Clinton’s email without asking for immunity.

The House committee can haul Director Comey or anyone else before them to testify but in fact unless Donald Trump is elected President and Rudy Giuliani replaces the pathetic Loretta Lynch as Attorney General nothing will ever be done About the Clinton Crime Family.

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