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Farrakhan to Barack Obama: You Failed the Black Community!


The Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, says that Barack Obama that his “people are suffering and dying in the streets,” of Chicago.

Farrakan says that Obama has “failed to do what should have been done.”, but has instead, “fought for the rights of gay people!”

Ouch! There goes Obama’s legacy! Farrakhan’s message was given at the Men’s Day program at Union Temple Baptist Church in Washington, DC.

Breitbart reports:

Farrakhan said, “So you Democrats, you been in their party a long time. Answer me, what did you get? You got a president. He is worried about his legacy. You want Hillary to get in to protect your legacy because Trump said the minute he gets in, he is going to reverse the Affordable Care Act. Because that is your signature achievement. To show you how hateful the enemy is, he hates that you achieve what you did achieve. So he said I’m going to tear it up when I get in. So he don’t want his legacy destroyed. Mr President, let the man do, if he get in, what he wants to because he is not destroying your legacy.

He continued, “But I just want to tell you, Mr President, you’re from Chicago and so am I. I go out in the streets with the people. I visited the worst neighborhoods. I talked to the gangs. And while I was out there talking to them they said ‘You know, Farrakhan, the president ain’t never come. Could you get him to come and look after us?’

The Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, says that Barack Obama that his “people are suffering and dying in the streets,” of Chicago.

There’s your legacy, Mr. President, it’s in the streets with your suffering people, Mr. President. And If you can’t go and see about them, then don’t worry about your legacy. Cause the white people that you served so well, they’ll preserve your legacy. The hell they will. But you didn’t earn your legacy with us. We put you there.

Your people are suffering and dying in the streets! That’s where you legacy is. Now you failed to do what should have been done.”

I have a feeling Farrakhan will not be invited to this years Obama Christmas party. It is ironic. The Obama’s have attended churches for decades that  spew the same vile hatred as Farrakhan does. Looks like it is getting thrown back at him.

Farrakhan responds to Pres. Obama endorsing Gay marriage

I wonder how many “Amens” Farrakhan got during that sermon! Ha!

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