Even Worse Than Hillary Clinton’s Emails…

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The Clinton scandals and lies seem to go far, wide and deep, and yet with every new day…they keep coming. We thought the private server and deleted emails were bad. We thought the computer she “wiped clean” was bad. Then, we found out recently, there’s a computer and flashdrive with “archives” files that is missing or “in the mail”, but surprisingly no one knows where it is? But worse than all that…the fact that NO ONE in Obama’s administration is willing to stop Hillary from ANY of her illegal actions, dealings or scandals. It just keeps getting swept under the rug like it’s no big deal by the MSM.


H/T Wall Street Journal:

Forget the new dump of Hillary Clinton emails. Forget the phony claims that the missing communications were all about wedding plans and yoga routines. Forget, too, the many requests from Doug Band in which the Clinton Foundation honcho hoped his quos (hefty donations to the Clinton Foundation) would translate into quids (e.g., special access to the secretary).

Forget them all. The most disturbing aspect about the FBI dump may not be fresh evidence of another Clinton lie. The most disturbing thing about Mrs. Clinton’s continuing email drama may be where she’s telling the truth.

Or at least a half-truth. Mrs. Clinton told the FBI it was “common knowledge” at State that she used private email. Agents further quote her as saying she “could not recall anyone raising concerns with her regarding the sensitivity of the information she received at her email address.”

However unseemly the cashing in of the Clinton family, whatever the trampling of the ethics accord the Clinton Foundation had signed with the White House, even apart from the walking conflicts-of-interests that were Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, the much larger stink here is this: Mrs. Clinton was allowed to spend her four years as secretary of state off the grid.

It isn’t so much that Mrs. Clinton set up a personal server so she would not be accountable the way normal political appointees are held accountable. It’s that no one in government stopped her. The inspector general’s report notes that when two IT officers expressed their concern in 2010 that her private email system meant federal records were not being preserved, they were told “never to speak of the Secretary’s personal email system again.”

As a result, when the American people finally learned about Mrs. Clinton’s use of private email for public business, it wasn’t because of a functioning civil service. It was because of a hacker.

Mrs. Clinton says officials at State never told her what she was doing wasn’t allowed. That isn’t quite true. It’s more accurate to say she never asked the people who would have the answers to these questions. The IG report confirms it was made clear to State staffers that she did not want the questions asked.

It gets worse. Even today her former department is still resisting efforts to make public the emails she tried to hide. Groups such as Judicial Watch have done yeoman’s work in forcing the emails into the sunlight—but they have also had to get court orders to pry them out of an obstructionist State Department.

It’s a disturbing pattern, and unfortunately it’s not limited to State. There have been similar questions about the integrity and professionalism of the IRS ever since the American people learned in 2013 that it was unfairly targeting conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.


This only proves we are dealing with a corrupt government. One that is willing to look the other way and ignore all of Hillary’s scandals. Let’s face it, they knew she he multiple devices.  They knew she was covering up her trail, they knew she was using her position as secretary of state to raise money for the Clinton Foundation.

They also know she’s a serial liar. Yet every time they catch her in the act of doing something illegal…they look the other way or watch how she wiggles her way out of it with a lie. To say she didn’t know what she was doing was wrong…that was just a lie.To say that she didn’t know certain emails were classified…that was just a another lie. To say that after serving in the Senate and serving as secretary of state that Hillary Clinton didn’t know what the “C” stood for in her emails…Really? Seriously?….Are you going to fall for that too? Come on people!

You can’t have it both ways! You can’t on one hand believe that Hillary Clinton is “the smartest woman in the world” and on the other hand believe that she doesn’t have the knowledge or brains to know how to recognize or deal with classified information. You can’t believe that the “smartest woman in the world” should be the next president and still believe she didn’t know what she was doing when she violated the National Archives and Record Act exposing American’s national security. You can’t believe Clinton is “the smartest woman in the world” and still believe she’s NOT playing dumb to get away with all her scandals.

Clinton claims no one told her. No one trained her. It’s not HER fault. To say it’s “not HER fault” is partially true. It’s Obama’s administration and government that continue to look the other way. It’s Clinton, Obama and our government’s fault! The corruption is far, wide and deep. This willl continue as long as you keep voting for them.

Now what are YOU going to do about it?





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