Eagles Players Raise New Sign Of Disrespect On The Field During National Anthem!

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It’s officially an Obama world.

Last week we thought it couldn’t get much more disrespectful than the NFL players sitting during the National Anthem. BUT, we were wrong.

They’ve upped their game, now they’re raising the Black Power fist.

Athletes’ protests of police brutality during the national anthem carried on after Monday Night Football between the Eagles and Bears.

Cameras showed arrogant Eagles players Malcolm Jenkins, Steven Means and Ron Brooks standing proudly with their right fists raised in the air during the song.

The happy little trio joined Colin Kaepernick and several other NFL players who have chosen to either take a knee or raise their fist during the anthem — a symbol of Black Power — as they protest police killings and brutality against minorities.

Let’s hope that if you’re an Eagles fan, you put your country and freedom before the oh so popular fad against “racism”.

The Obamas have even been spotted participating in the little fist pump in a sad attempt to fit in with the black power craze.
2016-09-20 08_02_01-Philadelphia Eagles Tell America To Screw Off With NEW Sign Of Disrespect On The

This is a radical, racist gesture and should not be tolerated, at least not any more than a Nazi salute would be tolerated.

The whole race war craziness has got to end! No side is perfect, white people or black people, skin color isn’t what determines how a person acts. In America, the color of your skin doesn’t determine how you are treated.

Or, at least, it shouldn’t. Days ago a black man attacked a woman police officer, shot her eight times in the arm, and would have killed her had it not been for her bullet proof vest.

He later went on to shoot a security guard and then take a human shield, dumped 14 rounds into a car with two people in it, then caused a few more deaths. All while these football players push racial hate at an Eagles game… in a way, celebrating this morbid behavior.

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