Donald Trump’s Debate Performance

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Donald Trump, when he had the chance to refute what Hillary and Lester Holt said about him did so in a lengthy, rambling manner.  He could have just hit the bullet points and then moved on to address other issues. Just say only once that it was Hillary’s campaign which started the birther story, distributing the photo of Obama in a Muslim attire, and asking McClatchy to go to Kenya to check out her accusation.

He mentioned Hillary’s emails without mentioning the general condemnation of Comey for his actions which left Hillary without the need to defend a prosecution which any other American would have faced, and without mentioning how she endangered the lives of our military and citizens by not securing emails which described drone attacks, and names of Seal team members and military families exposed.

He failed to mention that not only did President Obama lie when he said he found out about her unsecured server and email address when it was in the news, he actually used an alias when communicating with her!  Obama and Hillary are part of the plan to hide their actions from Americans!

Trump said he would produce his tax returns when Hillary releases her 30,000 deleted emails.  How about her release of the speeches she gave to big banks for outrageous sums of money? He forgot to mention the bleach bit action, the immunity of her cohorts despite saying they did nothing wrong, and the many lies she told to Congress and to all Americans.

He could have mentioned the Clinton Foundation, but didn’t.  He never mentioned the deal Clinton made after receiving a $31 million donation to the Clinton Family Crime Foundation – securing for Russia up to 1/3 of our American uranium.

When Donald rebutted Hillary’s charge of racism, he talked about how at his Maralago resort African Americans and all people are welcomed.  What he failed to point out is that this was something new in Palm Beach, Florida and that he fought to make it happen for both African-Americans and Jews.

Donald – quit rambling and start coherently stating what needs to be said!   I am really disappointed in Kellyanne Conway for not forcing him to focus on what’s important.  I sent this message to the Trump campaign this morning.]

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