Days After NYC Bombings, Left-wing Mayor Pushes for More Islamic Immigrants

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New York City’s mayor, Red Bill DeBlasio, is an idiot. In the wake of the bombing that injured 29 people Saturday night Red Bill was on the scene immediately to pronounce that terrorism was not a factor in the bombing. He thought it was a gas explosion.

Now that the FBI has determined that a Muslim terrorist did set the bomb in New York City, and the bombs that were found in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Red Bill isn’t backing down from his love of Muslim terrorists.

He made published an op-ed with the Muslim mayor of London and the Mayor of Paris insisting that terrorism is “vanishingly rare.”

They published that piece of stupidity on the heels of London’s Muslim mayor insisting that residents of big cities like New York and London just need to get used to occasional acts of terrorism.

Apparently Red Bill’s argument is that acts of terrorism by “immigrants or refugees” are extremely rare. The argument that he and London’s Muslim mayor Khan are avoiding like the plague is the fact that acts of terrorism are committed almost exclusively by Muslims.

It will be interesting to see how New Yorkers respond to the next act of Muslim terrorism given Red Bill’s stupidity with this one. He wants more Muslims in New York, I suspect New Yorkers are going to want fewer DeBlasios in New York City.

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