Court Okay With Islamic Man Kicking Woman’s Face Over Wearing Shorts!

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How dare she! A Muslim man spotted a woman tempting him by wearing shorts, and he lost it. He took his foot reared it back and kicked her full force in the face!

The Turkish court later gave an appalling ruling. They released the man, and it wasn’t because they found him innocent. He confessed to kicking the young woman and then to make everything seem okay, he added that it was because she was wearing shorts.


Apparently, Muslims can’t commit crimes because they are above the law. Watch out ladies, these men are free to rape, kill, and kick, us without any repercussions. Better carry a gun, oh wait that freedom may be gone soon, right along with our protection from the government.

The man was heard shouting: ‘Those wearing shorts must die!’

The suspect allegedly attacked 23-year-old Ayşegül Terzi, who works as a nurse, and kicked her in the face, reports said.
Ms Terzi was left with severe bruising after the attack.


She went on to describe how three men stepped in to try to put an end to the beating.
The man later told police he had been angered by her clothing.

The superior Muslim stated that ‘The shorts she was wearing were not appropriate. That’s why I was angry and behaved so.’

The attack was even caught on CCTV and apparently shows the beating incident.

The man, who handles security for a company, has been discredited because he had previously been diagnosed as suffering from ‘manic depression’, the agency said.

Many feminists in Turkey have announced serious concern over the extreme violence against women, with hundreds killed every year, often by their husbands.

Outraged Twitter users used social media to protest the attack and declared that the victim was entitled to dress as she chooses.

Roberto Sandano asked a simple question: ‘”Those who wear shorts must die!..” a good pair of legs is devil? What’s God then?’

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