Concerned Mother Receives SICK Text, ISIS Details The Murder Of Her Soldier Son

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There isn’t much worse than finding out that your loved one just died. Unless you get a nasty little message from the murder. This mother went through exactly that, the morning after a heavy battle in the Philippines.

The news spread that the Philippine forces engaged heavily armed Abu Sayyaf militants in three different battles near Patikul, Sulu Province. Fifteen Philippine soldiers were murdered, another 12 were injured.

One panicking, very scared mother texted her son in hopes he was still safe. The response she received brought her to her knees. Her son Jason, was a well respected private, first class in the Army’s 35th Infantry Battalion.

Her hopeful, simple message was sent on Monday night, “Son, are you there?” she waited for hours with no response. Then, she heard that familiar ding the next morning, alerting her of a text. She raced to her phone, hoping it was from her boy, when she saw her son’s name on the screen her eyes lit up for just a second, then she read the message…

2016-09-03 19_38_33-Filipino Islamists Text Mother Of Slain Soldier_ “We Beheaded Your Son”… _ Wease

“Your son is dead, he has no head now, we cut off his head on Tuesday.”

How in the world does a mother cope with that? It would bring anyone to the point of insanity. The timing of the text would imply that they had JUST cut his head off right before he texted that horrid message.

These Muslims have spread everywhere like cancer! Every day the fight is getting sickeningly closer if it hasn’t already come to your doorstep. The surge of Muslims needs to end NOW.

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