College Bans Student BBQ Because It’s Too “American”: This Is Not a Joke.

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I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Students at Ramapo College were going to have an event featuring American themed barbecue. As in food. College administrators force them to change the theme because it was “offensive.”

Really. I told you, I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

College administrators apparently thought advertising for the event was to “military and recruitment-oriented.” They apparently came to that conclusion because some of the flyers had “Uncle Sam” on them, and we all know how offensive that can be.

The flyers had Uncle Sam pointing with the caption, “we want you… To come to our barbecue.” Like I said, offensive.

If you’re not following what’s going on at college campuses these days, the bottom line is simple. The little snowflakes who are passing for students and administrators in virtually every university in the country are offended by virtually anything, especially things American.

A college spokesperson said the barbecue went on as planned and even had American flags there. She couldn’t understand why students thought they needed to change the theme of the event and said it must’ve been a “miscommunication.”

Sure it was.

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