Charlotte Police Say 70% Of Arrested Protesters Had One of These

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The riots and looting in Charlotte last week bear a strong resemblance to the riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri. It’s likely the same people are involved.

Todd Walther, a spokesman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Quarter of Police, told CNN that 70% of the protesters had out-of-state IDs. They were being bussed in, most likely by one of George Soros’ organizations.

Soros has spent decades finding and mobilizing groups across the U.S. through his Open Society Foundations. He is rumored to have committed up to $500 million to #BlackLivesMatter and similar organizations.

His goal is simple. Turn America into a Third World state.

Representatives of OSF have denied that they are bankrolling #BlackLivesMatter but that story fell apart when published documents showing Soros has written checks to #BlackLivesMatter for at least $650,000.

This is just part of Soros’ funding of far left organizations, he’s already given $7 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

He has a long history of funding anti-American causes:

  • In 2004 he contributed almost $24 million to John Kerry;
  • Since 2003 he has contributed $54 million to federal candidates and organizations focused on open borders, nationalize healthcare, and criminal justice reform that puts felons on the streets.

George Soros is a Wall Street insider on steroids. He is a naturalized U.S. citizen who is wanted in France for currency manipulation that almost destroyed to European governments. Is it any surprise that he supports Hillary Clinton?

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