Can BILL Clinton Become President? Surprise!

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With Hillary’s recent health issues now out in the public, no thanks to the MSM, there are some people who think Bill Clinton could become the next president should Hillary become very ill. Well, according to our Constitution and the 22nd Amendment – no president can serve more than 2 terms.  I wouldnt’ put anything past Obama or Hillary including changing or abolishing that amendment prior to the election, especially if Hillary loses.  However, Bill can continue to “pinch hit” for Hillary on the campaign trail and at her fundraisers which he seems to be doing more of lately.


Given Hillary’s 9/11 incident of “allergies” or “overheated” or “fainting” or “pneumonia”…or “the flu”..whatever it is you wish to believe, Bill has been filling in for Hillary Victory Fund events, especially those recently out in California. Bill filled in for Hillary on Tuesday at two fundraisers in Los Angeles on Wednesday in Las Vegas.

Monday evening, Hillary “phoned in” for the fundraising event herself in San Francisco.

With Hillary’s fainting episode on Sunday, her campaign is doing everything they can to cover up the truth related to Hillary’s health. And don’t expect Hillary to come out herself with any real facts or release ALL of her health records, because the American public already knows how INcompetent she is in both those areas.

Although Hillary did go on Twitter to say “thank you” to those who were concerned about her health:

Thanks to everyone who’s reached out with well wishes! I’m feeling fine and getting better. -H

She said later in an email to volunteers that she is ready to get back on the campaign trail.

“I wanted to tell you personally that I’m feeling fine and getting better. (It doesn’t hurt to be able to spend some time at home with my dogs),” the email read, adding, “I’m just anxious to get back out there. There’s so much at stake in this election, and we only have 57 days left in this campaign — I want to make each one count.”

“Thank you for being the warmest, toughest, and most dependable team I could hope for — you’ve lifted me up, today and every day,” it added.

How nice of her. Did you notice in the news though, Bill and Hillary couldnt’ even agree on how many incidents of fainting she has had in the past. Here’s Bill’s response:

“Rarely, on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing has happened to her when she got severely dehydrated…,” he said in an interview with CBS News’ Charlie Rose.

Here’s Hillary’s response:

“Oh, I think [it has happened] really only twice that I can recall,” she said. “You know, it is something that has occurred a few times over the course of my life, and I’m aware of it and usually can avoid it.”

Hillary’s key words: “that I can recall”…remember she has a history of neurological health concerns and issues and has said on multiple times while on the stand in the past and while under oathe “I don’t recall”….ie. Whitewater, Benghazi, and the email/private server scandal…just to name a few.

In Las Vegas, where Bill was filling in at a campaign event for Hillary, he said (with a Gomer Pyle expression) he was “glad to stand in for her…she did it for me…it’s about time I showed up and did it for her. ” He then added: “It’s a crazy time we live in ya’ know…when people think there’s something unusual about getting the “flu”….last time I checked millions of people were getting it every year…”

WHAT? It wasn’t the “flu” Bill! I think you mispoke on that one. Maybe he’s been around Hillary too long and she’s rubbing off on him, I don’t know, but Hillary’s campaign staff had to correct him on that one.

The second event Bill filled in at was a Beverly Hills event at producer/actor Seth MacFarlane’s cocktail party – where the price was a minimum of $5,000 per person. Bill also filled in at another Beverly Hills event at media mogul Barry Diller’s and his designer wife Diane von Furstenberg’s where the minimum donation was $100,000 per couple. Afterall, Hillary can’t have any fundraiser go to waste especially when it involves her biggest supporters – the liberal media or Hollywood types.

Don’t worry Hillary was back on the trail on Thursday trying to reassure her voters that “I feel good” and I have no doubt she will not pass up her even on Friday on the “Tonight Show”.

One thing is for certain, as long as we have the 22nd Amendment, and if Hillary should get elected, Bill Clinton can NOT fill in for Hillary as “President of the United States”. Thank God Almighty!

…and that’s NO LIE!





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