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Breaking Update! Zoomed In Video Shows She Was OUT COLD!


We all know Hillary Clinton and the MSM are tied at the hip when it comes to coverups and Hillary’s “fainting” incident on 9-11 is no different. The MSM claims Hillary fainted and Clinton’s campaign tells us it was first because she “overheated” on an beautiful and breezy 80 degree day. Then, Clinton’s campaign came out and said that Clinton “was diagnosed with pneumonia”…on Friday….and she was “dehydrated”. Are you seriously buying all this? There was no press there, but an individual that was close by captured the incident on their cell phone.

So it was a beautiful day in New York City when Clinton “fainted”. Clinton was totally “out cold”. Here’s the zoomed in shot of Clinton’s foot. The shot shows her foot being dragged into the van

hillary-foot-dragging (1)

“They threw her in like she was a side of beef,” a senior law enforcement official told The Daily Beast.

A video taken by Zdenek Gazda of New Jersey shows Clinton unstable before she was put inside the van.

Hillary Clinton DIDN’T “stumble” into the van like the MSM reported. The MSM weren’t even there!  The video of Clinton was taken by a bystander. It was social media that helped spread the TRUTH, NOT the MSM! Clinton’s head bobbed, her knees buckled and then the “zoomed in” video proves she was OUT COLD.

Again, the officer that was there said she was actually thrown in the van like “a side of beef”. That’s the truth. She even lost her shoe in the incident. Stay tuned! You can be sure there’s a lot the campaign STILL hasn’t revealed!



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