BREAKING: Trump Outlines His Immigration Policy in Arizona

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Just hours after meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, Donald Trump outlined his immigration policy during a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Trump’s speech came after criticism that the Republican nominee was “softening” his stance on immigration. Trump shared a strong outline and commitment to combat illegal immigration and once and for all enforce our country’s immigration laws and deal with the economic impact on Americans.

At the Phoenix Convention Center, Former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani opened the event and said “Donald Trump will secure our borders and Hillary Clinton will not. It’s as simple as that.”

Sen. Sessions (R-AL) followed Guiliani and told the packed arena of Trump supporters that our country is on the wrong track and “this may be the “last chance we have to restore a lawful system of immigration that serves the national interest.”


Shorly afterwards, Trump’s running mate from Indiana, Gov. Mike Pence gave a short address to the crowd and introduced Donald to the stage with the crowd chanting “USA!” “USA!” “USA”

Trump then addressed the supporters at the rally and presented his detailed policy for immigration which is one of the biggest issues facing our country today, especially illegal immigration.

In regards to Pena Nieto and Mexico, Trump said, his administration is “going to go about creating a “new relationship between our two countries.” It’s going to be a “fair relationship.” Trump said in order to fix our immigration system, we must change our leadership in Washington, D.C. He then blasted the media for not reporting on the facts of illegal immigration. Trump also blamed special interest groups saying “the special interests spend millions covering it up because they are making a fortune.”

Trump went on to state, “the fundamental problem with our immigration laws is that it doesn’t serve the American people and instead serves politicians and wealthy special interests”. He said when politicians talk about “immigration reform,” they really mean “amnesty” and “open borders” and “lower wages.”…“immigration reform” should mean an improvement in policies to make life better for American citizens.”

Trump then added not all immigrants want to assimilate and it’s our right as a sovereign country to select immigrants who want to assimilate and will thrive and “love us.”

He then addressed illegal immigration, the crimes committed by those illegals and the countless lives that were lost because of Obama’s open border policies. He gave specific examples like Sarah Root, Grant Ronnebeck, Kate Steinle and others.

Donald went on to address how our country, economy and jobs are being hurt by illegal immigrants and low skilled workers. He discussed how in many cases these illegal immigrants were treated better than our veterans and added…”Not going to happen anymore.”

Like most hard-working Americans, Trump believes Obama/Clinton are guilty of “gross dereliction of duty” for supporting open borders. He said Clinton supports sanctuary cities, visa overstays, “catch and release” of criminals and unconstitutional executive amnesty. Trump vowed to end “catch and release.”

One of Trump’s strong points of his detailed policy on immigration was his “zero tolerance for criminal aliens.” Trump vowed to terminate the Obama administration’s “deadly” policy of allowing criminal illegal immigrants to go free. He also vowed to reinstate the “secure communities”program.

In addition, Trump said will ask Congress to pass “Kate’s law” on the first day in office. He mentioned since Obama took office, at least 300,000 criminal illegal aliens have been released back onto the streets. Trump also vowed to triple the number of ICE deportation officers. He said he will create a new “deportation task force” that will identify and focus on removing the most dangerous criminal aliens in America “just like Hillary Clinton has evaded justice.”  

Trump added, 5,000 more Border Patrol agents have endorsed him and that meant “so much to me. More to me than I can say. Means so much. First time they’ve ever endorsed a presidential candidate.”

Finally Trump added he would cancel unconstitutional executive orders and enforce all immigration laws. “We will immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties.” He said he would also end sanctuary cities and block all funding for them.

Trump will enforce immigration laws with a focus on removing criminals, security threats, gang members, public charges and visa overstays.Trump also vowed to stop the tens of thousands of people coming in from Syria.

In his closing, Trump vowed to reform immigration laws to protect the American workers.

Trump said his plan is “our last chance to secure the border, stop illegal immigration, and reform our laws to make your life better.”

It’s about America FIRST!

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Then, Trump asked the Angel Moms to join him on the stage before closing remarks, stating this is an “incredible movement” and “we’re going to take our country back.”

Trump was bold and presented a detailed policy of immigration reform at the rally in Phoenix on Wednesday night. The detaile policy on immigration reform is something our country has needed for several decades now. It’s a start and a plan in the right direction to get America back on track again. Now, we just need to wake up a few more patriots and get them to the polls in November to help… #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.



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