Breaking: Trump Leads Hillary in CNN Poll


We’re 9 weeks out from the presidential election and Donald Trump is leading Hillary Clinton in the most recent CNN poll. The American people must be FINALLY waking up to all of Hillary’s lies and scandals. Of course, the FBI did dump more of Hillary’s emails on Friday and there seems to be more of the same….lies, lies, and more lies. Clinton’s lead from August was 8 points, but that lead seems to be vanishing as fast as her emails.

donald-trump H/T Breitbart:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is now polling ahead of Hillary Clinton, according to a new CNN pollreleased this morning.

Trump is now leading with 45 percent of the vote while Clinton is now at 43 percent. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has seven percent while Green Party candidate Jill Stein has two percent.

Clinton’s eight point lead in August has effectively vanished, while Trump has staged a remarkable eight point turnaround. In August, Trump was polling at 37 percent.

Part of Trump’s success lies in a 20 point lead among independents. Forty-nine percent of independents now support Trump while only 29 percent support Clinton.

Clinton’s numbers have dropped amid revelations about her testimony to the FBI about her deleted emails, while she spends more time on the trail attacking Trump.

It looks like most voters are just less enthusiastic about voting in this election than in the past. The CNN poll marks the first time that a significantly larger share of voters say they are less enthusiastic about this year’s election.  Can’t really blame them can you? How can anyone get excited about voting for Crooked Hillary Clinton?  On the other hand, most of Trump’s backers say they’re more excited this time around

Donald Trump is the more trusted of the two candidates – hands down. He will boost our economy, fight terrorism, close the borders and uphold our laws of immigration, and improve our foreign relations.

Trump is focused, on target and attacking Clinton on all her scandals…and there’s certainly a lot of material on that alone to carry him through the election. It’s just a matter of time. Let’s just hope the majority of the voters wake up before election day.




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