BREAKING: Three ISIS Terror Attacks, Obama in Hiding

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It was a wild weekend for ISIS terrorists in the U.S. First, a bomb went off at the start of a Marine Corps 5K race, followed by a bomb exploding in a dumpster in New York City. Next, security guard went on a rampage with a knife in Minnesota shopping mall, and finally, a bomb exploded in a trash can at a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

So far, only one death is reported. Thankfully, an off-duty police officer shopping in the Minnesota shopping mall was able to shoot and kill the Muslim security guard attacker who wounded eight people with a knife.

Authorities in Minnesota were quick to deny any link to terrorism. In New York City Mayor Red Bill DeBlasio tried to pass the explosion off as a gas explosion. That fell apart pretty quickly when the FBI announced that they are looking for Ahmad Khan Rahami, a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in Afghanistan. He’s also being sought in connection with the Elizabeth, New Jersey bombing.

Donald Trump was briefed on the New York City bombing as he was going to a campaign event. At that event he noted that there had been a bomb in New York City. Hillary Clinton was quick to condemn Trump, I’m sure her staff was desperately looking for YouTube video.

At this point there seems to be no question that the bomb attacks in the Northeast and the knife attack in the Minnesota shopping mall were all acts of Muslim terrorism.

The security guard in Minnesota was a Somali Muslim – a peaceful, good guy according to his neighbors – who was shouting “Allah” as he slashed his way through shoppers at the mall. As we noted earlier, the FBI is looking for Ahmad Khan Rahami, a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in Afghanistan. There’s no indication that Rahami is a recent convert to the Episcopal Church.

So far, we haven’t heard a word from Barack Obama.

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