BREAKING POLL: 44% to Turn Off NFL if National Anthem Protests Continue!

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A new poll says that 44 percent of Americans will turn off NFL football games should players continue to kneel for the national anthem and disrespect the flag!

Colin Kaepernick has already turned off 25% of the 49ers fans from watching and costs the NFL Million$$!

American Football fans are patriotic and these lazy protests are taking a toll an the American past-time!

Breitbart reports on the Yahoo Sports Poll:

The poll result follows Nielsen ratings showing that many fans already do something else beside watching NFL football this season. Monday Night Football endured its lowest ratings earlier this week since moving to ESPN a decade ago and Sunday games also suffer year-to-year losses, albeit smaller than the double-digit decline witnessed at the Worldwide Leader in Sports. The absence of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning may help explain viewership losses. But another quarterback also not taking a single snap this young regular season undoubtedly suppresses ratings as well.

Almost a third of respondents expressed support for Colin Kaepernick’s protests of “The Star Spangled Banner.” Nearly half opposed his demonstrations. About a fifth of respondents didn’t know or didn’t care about the protests.

Roughly three in five NFL fans told Yahoo that Kaepernick chose the wrong manner to protest.

Colin Kaepernick, you blew it with your lazy protest! It isn’t even a real protest! It is a 3 minute antic! Go stand on your feet all day holding a sign somewhere chanting at the top of your lungs! THAT would be a protest!

A Yahoo survey says that 44 percent of Americans report a likelihood of shutting off NFL games should players continue to kneel for the national anthem.

You are the epitome of the Joan Rivers football players joke! Kaepernick, you push the button in the elevator and wait for candy to come out!

I am all for the right and freedom to protest! I would stand by Kaepernick to the death to fight for his right to protest! It is a foundational principle in this country.

So go protest all you want Colin Kaepernick! A REAL protest! One that takes time and effort! One that means standing on your feet for hours holding a sign day after day!

You won’t do that! You are lazy! You can’t even play football well! Kaepernick’s lazy little act is doing nothing but hurting the very thing that has provided you with a lifestyle you would have NEVER had in ANY OTHER COUNTRY!

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