BREAKING: NC Thugs ATTACK Female Truck Driver, Truck’s Set On Fire, Then Something Atrocious Happens!

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Good gosh, where is the Arab suicide bomber when you need one?! Thanks to Obama for inciting race wars, our country is tearing each other apart! A woman truck driver was on the highway when all of a sudden she noticed a mob on the highway throwing rocks at cars. She desperately called for help from the police, that’s when she knew it would only get worse…

2016-09-21 08_32_57-North Carolina Mob Attack Female Truck Driver – Police Refuse to Help, Desperate

2016-09-21 08_33_10-North Carolina Mob Attack Female Truck Driver – Police Refuse to Help, Desperate

When she phoned police no one immediately responded. When they finally did arrive it was too late. Her truck had been looted and she feared for her life.

2016-09-21 08_21_45-NC MOB ATTACKS Female Trucker On Hwy...Loots Truck And Sets Cargo On Fire...No O


The liberal mainstream media wants to make these protests out to be a peaceful movement but they are farther from reality than Alice in Wonderland on Acid.

What they actually need to do is have a real conversation not a riot party, that’s how Martin Luther King did it, and things changed. All this dose it prove others right, about blacks being barbarians.

Sometimes in the store, I even catch myself wondering if the black person in line standing in front of me dislikes me because of all of the political crap happening today. This needs to stop. White people were slaves too once, in fact, Irish slaves were treated very badly, but you don’t see the, feeling the need to throw rocks at innocent people in their cars because our ancestors were tormented. Everyone involved in the looting has some serious brain cells missing!


It baffles me that some black people feel the need to be victimized! Is anyone even truly racist anymore? It just seems like such an outdated movement. Our country moved past this stupid notion that someone is better than another person based off of the pigment of their skin. The only reason this racism garbage started up again is because Obama wants to see our country torn apart, and what better way to do that than let the people attack each other.


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