BREAKING: Joe the Plumber Destroys Hillary On Varney & Co. [VIDEO]

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Joe the Plumber excoriated Hillary Clinton and the results of liberal ideology during an appearance on Varney & Co. this week.

“Hillary is beating the same drum that has been sinking America for 30 years”, said Joe.

Joe went off on the current state of the economy and America’s roll as a ‘powerhouse’ and how blue-collar union workers will impact the election.


“We have to, it’s not about ‘can we,’ we have to. For America to be great again, to move forward in this world, this world economy, we have to become a powerhouse again and Donald Trump’s the only one that’s going to make that happen.” Joe stated after Varney asked if we can get back to the manufacturing base of 30 years ago.

Joe also pointed out the chasm between the Union Leadership and the Union Members, as well as the abuse within the leadership.

“Union leadership’s been bought for a long time and I think we all know that here in this station.  But union membership, they understand what happens with the trade agreements and what Trump wants to do as far as renegotiating them and making them better for the American worker and you’re talking about the blue-collar union worker,”

Joe the Plumber excoriated Hillary Clinton and liberal ideology during an appearance on Varney & Co. this week

Joe went on to explain that Union Members just want the economy running correct.

“No, what they zero in on is making sure their kids got a good school system, making sure they can put food on the table and actually put a little bit of money in the bank as opposed to what’s been happening for the last eight years.  You know, everyone’s been struggling, you have to work two or three times harder to make what you did eight years ago as today.”

That is what we really all want! Good schools and jobs. The Federal government has so many things messed up right now!

Watch the full interview here:




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