BREAKING: Hillary’s Dr. Reveals Major Bombshell… Secret Surgery Last January

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Hillary is a lot of things, but healthy is not one of them. She claims this “conspiracy theory” about her health is ridiculous, but her collapse on Sunday proves otherwise.

The increased speculation about her health resulted in Clinton releasing some medical records on Wednesday. What was in them was laughable at best.

Instead of answering questions about Clinton’s health, her doctor (most likely paid to do it, or threatened), released records that only fueled more speculation and outrage over Clinton’s lack of transparency.

The tid bit Dr. Lisa Bardack released to the public revealed that Clinton actually had surgery in January as a result of a severe sinus infection! Yet, she never bothered or thought it important to come clean and tell the American people, noooo it is much better to hide those things.


In January doctors put a drain in Clinton’s ear to clear the fluid from the infection and it appeared to help her condition. The letter revealing this information never specially stated that it was a surgical procedure, but putting a tube in Clinton’s ear most likely involved at least some minor surgery, possibly a myringotomy.

Clinton had a follow-up CT scan in March (which she also did not make public) that revealed the sinus infection to have been resolved by the procedure.

Dr Bardack wrote that the “scan showed no abnormalities of the brain and mild chronic sinusitis,” Then she mentioned… “The symptoms resolved and she continued symptom-free for the next six months.”

There’s absolutely nothing wrong or even unusual with having a sinus infection, especially for an elderly person, what was a problem was Clinton’s repeated failure to publicize her physical condition during the election.


The public already has a widespread perception that she’s as honest as the boy who cried wolf, so, choosing not to tell people about a very common health issue was easily one of the most retarded things Clinton could have done.

Health records may be private for the general population, but that privacy vanishes as soon as you become a nominee for the president’s seat. The American people deserve to know the health of those who wish to be president. I’m no expert but I’d assume that hiding information like that from the American public, is no way to prove that you can be trusted with the most powerful position in the world.

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