BREAKING: Guess Who Won the Debate – Overwhelmingly!

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Last night was the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The debates are important this year because polling says it’s a tossup election. Last night CNN debate set the stage for the last 40 days of the campaign and according to CNN polling Hillary Clinton mopped the floor with Donald Trump. CNN’s instant polling showed Clinton winning by a margin of 62% to 27% over Trump.

It looks like the election is over.

Or not. Here’s what the rest of the snap polls after the debate looked like.

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There are a number of important things to note. First of all, Hillary outpolled Trump in the Minneapolis Star Tribune poll with 64% of the votes. She also squeaked by on NBC’s polling. Those two results are not surprising, the Star Tribune is known as the “Red Star” to locals and is frequently compared to Pravda. NBC, well, they’re NBC.

And then there was everyone else. Certainly you’d expect Trump to clean house in the Drudge poll and the bright part poll, and he did. But then there were the polls the Democrats are going to have a hard time explaining.

  • Michigan – Trump 52%, Clinton 47%;
  • New – Trump 53%, Clinton 41%;
  • Variety Magazine! – Trump 51%, Clinton 48%;
  • Las Vegas Sun – Trump 81%, Clinton 19% – Nevada is an important swing state;
  • Slate Magazine – Trump 54%, Clinton 45% – remember, Slate magazine is the home stomping grounds for liberal mouth breathers;
  • Channel 9 Cincinnati – Trump 60%, Clinton 35% – Ohio is a swing state;
  • CBS New York – Trump 57%, Clinton 42%;
  • Time Magazine – Trump 58%; Clinton 42%.

In other words, in snap polling in places where Hillary Clinton should be cleaning up Donald is being the pants off of her. I apologize for that mental picture.

This election is far from over, but the closer we get to November 8 the more I believe there’s an excellent chance that Attorney General Rudy Giuliani will be presiding over an indictment of the Clinton Crime Family.

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