Breaking: Explosion Rips Through Manhattan: 25 Injuries So Far….

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There are reports of an explosion in New York, the Chelsea area of Manhattan. The first reports came in via social media. People stated that they heard very large blasts that left the ground shaking and their ears ringing.
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New York City sent an emergency alert out to the citizens that they should expect extensive traffic delays in the area of 23rd St. and 7th Ave. Everyone who has injuries are being transported to hospitals. The explosion occurred in front of a blind housing home.

2016-09-17 18_30_39-Reports of explosion in Manhattan - Story _ WNYW2016-09-17 18_38_26-Explosion reported in New York City, extent of damage unclear _ Fox News
Our liberal idiots are trying to say that it could be an accidental type of explosion. They are reporting that construction was going on and maybe someone threw a cigarette in the trash can…this makes SO MUCH SENSE because one bomb in a trash can earlier this morning went off in New Jersey, for a 5k race. Similar bombs, both hidden in TRASH CANS. The trash can’s were mangled, and it has been said that they are difficult things to mangle.

Stupid people are so annoying, liberals are avoiding the truth, and it makes you wish they would all be forced to live with their bomb-buddies so they could go extinct.
This is an active crime scene and no other details are being immediately released.

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388213A000000578-3794824-At_least_three_people_were_seen_being_taken_away_from_the_appare-a-30_1474162519994 - Copy

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2016-09-17 18_39_00-Explosion reported in New York City, extent of damage unclear _ Fox News - Copy

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