BREAKING: Bomb Explodes near New Jersey Train Station!

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If America is not awake, she should be waking up soon to realize we have radical Islamic terrorists’ cells in America. Evidence of this can be supported by three recent incidents. The first incident in New York, another in New Jersey and a third incident occurred in a mall in Minnesota. This morning there was ANOTHER incident that looks to be tied to the others in New York and New Jersey which happened near a New Jersey train station in Elizabeth.


Around 12:28 AM EST, a suspicious device was found on the Northeast Corridor train tracks in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Sunday night. The device was a bag with wires and pipes was found in a trash can the area of North Broad and Westfield Avenue. Mayor Chris Bollwage said the Union County Bomb Squad determined it could be a bomb. The FBI was on scene.


Around 1 AM, five devices, three pipe bombs and two other devices, were found in a backpack near the train station and but only one was detonated.


Around 1:20 AM, A large explosion was heard in New Jersey early Monday near the scene where the suspicious bag that appeared to contain pipe bombs was discovered earlier near the Elizabeth transit station.

No damage was immediately visible. There was no immediate word from authorities on whether the explosion might have been a controlled detonation of the device found a few hours earlier, but no warning of such a blast was given beforehand.

Then, around 1:36 AM, a bomb was accidently detonated by a robot and exploded at the New Jersey train station. Here’s a raw video:

The Daily Mail also reported:

Five terror suspects were arrested as one bomb exploded at the New Jersey train station: FBI stopped men in a SUV ‘packed with weapons’ on a New York bridge.

Authorities questioned several people early Monday after the car stop in New York City as they worked to determine whether there was a connection between several explosive devices found in two states in two days.

All in all, an explosion rocked a bustling Manhattan neighborhood Saturday night, an unexploded pressure cooker device found blocks away, a pipe bomb blast earlier Saturday in a New Jersey shore town, and finally, as noted in this story, five explosive devices found near a New Jersey train station late Sunday.

It’s time to WAKE UP America! Radical Islamic Terrorists are HERE! They ARE in America and they ARE ACTIVE! But it’s too bad politicians are STILL NOT calling it what it REALLY IS – Radical Islamic Terrorism. It’s also too bad Obama thought ISIS was the “JV Team”.

But what’s really sad is we’ve known about this for some time haven’t we? How many more incidents and how many more lives will we lose before Democrats and politicians CLOSE the Borders? Wasn’t ONE incident enough? Yet there was Orlando, San Bernardino, the Boston Marathon and others. Obama continues to let illegal immigrants into America from countries that support terrorism. ENOUGH ALREADY! and ENOUGH of saying these are “lone wolf” attacks!



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