Breaking: BLM Strikes Again! Riots in Charlotte!

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We all know the story. It seems to be the same regardless of where it happens. Law enforcement agents are out doing their job, when someone gets killed in the process. God forbid if it’s a black guy, because if it is, regardless of what that guy did, if that black guy gets shot in the process of the police doing their jobs, BLM riots and chaos will break out! That’s exactly what happened in Charlotte, North Carolina last night!

Around 6:30 pm last night, police in North Carolina shot and killed a person who they say was armed and posed a threat.

A statement from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said officers were at an apartment complex on Tuesday looking for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when they encountered a person — not the suspect they were looking for — inside a car. Officials say the person exited the car with a gun, then got back in.

The statement said when officers approached the car, the person got out of the car with the gun again. The officers considered the person to be a threat and fired their weapons. Emergency personnel took the person to Carolinas Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. That suspect was Keith Lamont Scott.

Then, around 10:15 pm, a video in Charlotte showed police in riot gear confronting protesters at an apartment complex.  They were protesting the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

The officers were shown backing up as protesters advanced down the street Tuesday night. Initial reports said at least 100 protesters gathered at the scene, with some throwing water bottles at police.

The police officers were in riot gear stretched across a two-lane road. Some of the officers flanked the main line on one side of the road

Some protesters were heard yelling “Black lives matter,” and “Hands up, don’t shoot!” One person held up a sign saying “Stop Killing Us.”

Still others felt they had the right to destroy a police car, because as we all know that will surely solve the problem.

Oh, wait, here’s a better idea…let’s just shut down Interstate-85, loot a semi-truck, then burn things in the middle of the highway, and cause complete havoc….yeah, that will solve the problem.

Wake up people! Law enforcement agents were doing their job. They were serving a warrant to a bad guy. Unfortunately, another man, Keith Lamont Scott was involved at the scene and as law enforcement agents say holding a gun.

Race is NOT the issue. It’s not like the policemen say when they are confronting bad guys, oh, wait, he’s black…he must not have a gun. If they see a gun in the hand of someone that they are confronting, and that idiot doesn’t drop the gun, when they are asked to, well what is that agent suppose to do? Wait for the bad guy to fire the first shot? Wake up people.

The law enforcement agents are trained to do a job and they are doing the best they can, considering all the riots and chaos that have occurred because of BLM and the backing they get from our current president. Thanks to Obama’s racial division in America, we have riots whenever a black guy gets shot by an officer! And on top of that, it’s the protesters from BLM that support the riots and chaos and destruction of public property. Property that will have to be replaced by innocent and hard-working people like you and I.

Obama and Clinton should first solve the problems in their very own hometown of Chicago. Chicago which just last weekend had 8 killed and 45 wounded. That’s right! I don’t see anyone protesting blacks killing blacks. Isn’t that the majority of the crimes in Chicago and across our nation? Black thugs killing other black thugs. Why doesn’t the MSM report THAT news? Why don’t we see BLM protesting in Chicago EVERY weekend? Do Black Lives Matter or is it just when an officer kills a black in the line of duty while protecting our communities?

All Lives Matter…even the lives of well-trained law enforcement officers that are doing their jobs and risking their lives every day across the nation to serve and protect our communities.



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