BREAKING: Active Shooter In Shopping Mall!

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Houston Police are on the scene of yet another mass shooting at a shopping mall….

We just started our work week, and it’s been a few days after the Cascade Mall shooting, and here we are dumbfounded with another attack! This is getting ridiculous and scary!

According to a local TV station, authorities responded to the Randalls Grocery Store shopping center shortly before 7 a.m. local time. Details are still emerging but we do know that police have confirmed that several people were injured when someone opened fire on moving traffic possibly six to eight were wounded when a man began randomly shooting at a southwest Houston strip mall early Monday.

Thankfully, the shooter is down.

This specific shooter is no longer a threat to public….but make no mistake there are obviously others who won’t wait long to carry out their kill-missions.

Rick Flanigan with the Houston Fire Department stated that ambulances transported at least 6 people from the scene.

A fire official said some people were shot inside their cars and the conditions of those wounded are varied. Many were hit with glass fragments from shattering car windows.

“We have several with extremity injuries,” an official said to reporters. “We have a couple that are more serious.”

One witness told a news station that the shooter fired three or four shots into the front window of her car and also shot the side window of the vehicle.

Police confirm that officers tracked down and shot the suspect…great, we are going to have another BLM riot because police shot a criminal. Unconfirmed reports say that the suspect was hiding behind a tree when the officer took him or her down.

Police say that at this time there are no reports that multiple suspects are involved in the incident.

THIS STORY IS DEVELOPING. We will learn more as the hours pass. I sincerely hope there were no fatalities as a result of this attack.

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