BOOM: NFL Executive Lays SMACKDOWN On Colin Kaepernick

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Colin Kaepernick has become nothing more than the laughing stock of the NFL, and now he is paying the price for his overly arrogant ways.

There are at least SEVEN National Football League executives that have expressed extreme anger about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s blatant disregard for the national anthem, and the untold numbers of Americans who have laid down their lives for the freedoms he takes for granted.

One executive expressed his blunt opinion: “I don’t want him anywhere near my team,” “He’s a traitor.”

Similar sentiments were said by the other executives, the real kicker… an estimated 90 to 95 percent of the NFL felt the same way.

“He has no respect for our country,” another executive said. “F*** that guy.”

They also shared their unanimous belief that Kaepernick will eventually be released by the 49ers.

“They think it’s only a matter of time before the 49ers release him because of external pressure,” Freeman wrote. “Not because Kaepernick isn’t close to the player he was, but because, to the 49ers, he’s become radioactive.”

And if he were to be released, he would likely not be signed by another team, because who on Earth would want to hire an anti-American player hated by so many? In fact, according to one executive, he hasn’t witnessed so much dislike directed at a player since former NFL star Rae Carruth plotted to murder his pregnant girlfriend in 1999.

Not to mention, Kaepernick is only digging his hole even deeper. For example, CBS Sports reported on Wednesday that Kaepernick wears socks that show a pig in a cop’s hat:


Now that’s IRONY in it’s finest, the only pig anyone sees is Colin Kaepernick, a soon-to-be-washed-up NFL player whose attitude has permanently ruined his reputation and possibly even destroyed his entire career.

Even South Park is making fun of the loser now….

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