‘Black Rifles Matter’? Man Triggers HILARIOUS Liberal Outrage!

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A man from Maine hopped out of bed this morning with extra feelings of love for his guns. Then a thought sprang to his mind….and of course, he did what any respectable guy would do , he painted it on a sign… “Black Rifles Matter”. However his little play on “Black Lives Matter” hit a hard spot with the seething liberals.

They were just angry with the witty play on words that the scary black rifle sign had. The weapon is only scary because of it’s “blackness” according to liberals…wait who’s racist?

The people in main, well, let’s just say they aren’t very easily amused…

Linc Sample, the sign’s creator, tells NECN that his work in Boothbay Harbor is about gun rights, not race. He was inspired to post the sign after reading an ad in the local paper that supported a ban on assault weapons.

Sample says he used “Black Rifles Matter” — a play on “Black Lives Matter” — to make an impact. He says if anything, the Black Lives Matter movement should be “flattered” he used the phrase.

While many have called for the sign’s removal, Boothbay Harbor officials say Sample has the proper permitting and is exercising his First Amendment rights.
The fact that Sample went through the trouble of getting the proper permitting is my favorite part of the story.


He knew the impending poop storm would barrel toward him (or flush toward him, if we’re sticking with the fecal analogy), and he braced for impact (smearing?). There was a point to be made, and because he was not just making the point, but using a “beloved” phrase used by turdnuggets the country over, best to be prepared. With permits. And sass.
Black rifles take all the blame…

Which goes to another point: Second Amendment people? They tend to follow the law. Even if the law is getting a dumbass permit to exercise his free speech right to tell people black rifles matter. They’re not the scary boom-boom sticks idiot sickos like Hillary Clinton say they are. They have feelings too. Their lives matter.

Here’s my question though, how many people in Maine were that offended by this sign? It’s a liberal state, but I’m sure “many” might mean five extra people called the Clerk’s office than the office is used to. You know, the perpetually outraged who add “too many craps to give” in their fair trade coffee. Or tea. The sort of people you wish would lift some heavy stuff from time to time. Work the “outrage” out of their system. Maybe drop the heavy thing on their faces.200 (3)

When Black Lives Matter activists used that name they had to expect it would get made fun of, it’s just too easy not to. We have every right to like it or dislike, this man just chose an ironic way to express his opinion about the second amendment, using his first amendment rights!

These hypocrites are scared of a rifle because it’s black, it may not be racism but it’s judging something by its color…watch.

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