Billionaire Thought His Model Wife Was Dead – Wrong. Oops.

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Billionaires and models, think of it as a break from Hillary and Donald.

Anna Zaiachkivska, Miss Ukraine of 2013 fell in love with an Italian businessman, Gianluca Cervara, and they were married in December of last year.

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July of this year rolled around and the billionaire’s happy bride went missing. Naturally, he was sure she’d been kidnapped so he reached out to authorities. It turns out the search didn’t take long. All they had to do was check her Instagram account. She hadn’t been kidnapped, she ran away because she said he was abusive and they found her living in New York with another man.

Needless to say Cervara is not happy billionaire. I have to admit that I find some sardonic humor in the idea that the billionaire is suing her to recover $7,000 and a cell phone. It must be one heck of a cell phone.

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