BEST Instant Justice! Trump Sign Thief Learns A Hard Lesson!

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All in a day’s work, another anti-Trump thug, gets what’s coming to her. Justice can be so sweet to the adults that act like brain-dead teenagers. In Indianapolis, a thug unsuccessfully tried to snag a north side resident’s pro-Donald Trump sign.

TSK TSK, didn’t your mother ever teach you not to take what isn’t yours? I guess that’s the liberal way, though, isn’t it? Liberals feel entitled to everything, even when it is on someone else’s property and they did nothing to earn it.
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A news station, WRTV, reported that the first attempt to steal the resident’s sign occurred within a week of when he put it on his front lawn.

He recalled, “I looked out my front door and the sign was lying about four feet over, and it was crumpled up pretty good,”

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But it still remained on his property due to his rather ingenious idea of tying it in place with fishing wire and string that he then spray-painted green.

Though he managed to stop the first attempted theft, however, he still wanted justice, so he then installed a camera outside to catch any additional would-be thieves.

Not shockingly, the plan worked, as his camera caught the second thief trying to flee with the sign, only to be face-planted onto the ground as she ran out of spring.

Ouch. Nice try, stupid.

Speaking with reporters, Phillip pleaded with his community to just leave his sign alone.

He goes on to say, “Whether it’s a Bernie or Hillary or a Trump sign, you might disagree with whatever the politics are, but it’s not yours,” he said. “Leave it alone.”

This is so true! It is sad that society has gone so far downhill that people would stoop as low as to steal a political sign. How do they justify this kind of bullying? Do they think that by stealing a sign they can take our freedom of choice away? These idiot leftists have only made a fool of themselves by proving their childish tendencies don’t end at stealing signs, no, their immaturity shines right up into the ballot when they vote for someone who they think will give them everything for nothing. Stealing a sign like this is merely an act of a spoiled child trying to get what they want.

Shame on you liberals, you deserve to go to a little place we’d like to call jail.

What do you think compels people to do so stupid?!

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