Behold: Clinton’s Modern-Day Book Burning

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The Clinton’s reach extends far beyond just getting Clinton Foundation donors U.S. State Department appointments. It extends all the way down to your local library.

A library in Florida has refused to accept the donation of a New York Times number one bestseller. The book, Clinton Cash: a Graphic Novel, was offered to the Alachua County library by a local resident and they refused to accept it.

They were told by library officials, “No, absolutely not that book will not go on the shelves of this library.” The library justified their refusal because they have 11 copies of the book in different formats. But they don’t have this format.

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The library does proudly display a graphic novel bashing Donald Trump. They actually had to use library funds to buy that one and it doesn’t appear anywhere on the New York Times bestseller list.

This is just another chapter in the age-old story that consistently proves that liberals are fascists. Remember that on November 8.

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