Baby Captured By Neighbor. Raped For 2 HOURS, Courts Have Sickening Response…

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She tried her best to keep her eyes open, she knew the dangers of living in a make-shift shelter. At last, when this mother’s eyes finally closed she slept for a solid hour, when she woke up, at first she felt amazing, but as her senses started kicking in, panic ensued.


She looked everywhere and couldn’t find her little girl. After searching for a few minutes she phoned the police, who immediately started a search party for the child. When they found her, she was unconscious laying in the bushes near a drain, bleeding profusely. Doctors at the hospital said her condition was serious. Saddeningly this innocent little baby girl, that went through an indescribable amount of pain, will be affected by this man’s evil act of selfishness for a lifetime.

An officer told the India Times that…’The police team was helped by the recovery of the mobile phone to track the location of the accused.’ We traced him to the labor camp. ‘He said he then took her to the bushes beside a drain and raped her for nearly two hours.’

The baby was abducted by a neighbor, in Vikaspuri, in the city of Delhi, somewhere around 10pm on Friday before being taken into the nearby jungle and attacked.

The poor father admitted that he was horrified to see his daughter in this condition. What sick jerk would do this to such a helpless little baby? He deserves to go to prison for a LONG time and hopefully, will receive a nice dose of prison justice, I hear they aren’t too kind to rapists there…

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Yep, that seems pretty fitting for a sick bastard like this, death would be too nice!

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India has tried to enact a harsher punishment, but the reality is that domestic violence and rape remain at an all-time high.

The system is inefficient and underfunded, especially outside big cities, many victims are scared to come forward because when they do, prosecutions move very slowly, if at all, and that only buys the criminal time to exact revenge on the victim for tattling.

This vile monster will enjoy a special place in hell to rot for what he did to this baby girl.

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