Al Sharpton Wants Federal Crimes For White People For What? No…

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Al Sharpton. He is nothing more than a liberal race-baiting Obama lover. Whenever there is something big in the media and involves a black as a “victim”, Rev. Al Sharpton just seems to show up. It’s like a little 2-year-old who needs attention.

As you can imagine with all the #BlackLivesMatter riots that are going on in Charlotte, Al Sharpton is again in the news. This time he’s seeking the most aburd action for those involved in crimes against blacks, but only if your NOT a black. In other words, he doesn’t care about blacks killing blacks, but for any other race involved he is demanding new action to be taken into consideration.

Just saying his name makes me want to vomit.


H/T Angry Patriot:

In the wake of the inexcusable violence in Charlotte resulting from yet another false-flag narrative foisted upon the ill-informed by the Black Lives Matter movement, it behooves us all to take stock in just how elitist the race-baiters and political opportunists of the race grievance movement are.

Turning the clock back to 2015 and a decision by the then Eric Holder US Justice Department, we find that the good Reverend Al Sharpton was setting the stage for special victim status and preferential treatment of the whole of the Black community. The DoJ decision in question was the one not to prosecute (or better yet persecute) George Zimmerman for a hate crime in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Sharpton’s response to the decision was that we need to change the laws so that a “lower threshold” exists to legally qualify who is prosecuted for a federal hate crime.

While it is unusual for a race-baiting, self-absorbed activist like Sharpton to try to exact change through the legislative process, his quest should be categorically denied by each and every elected official or aspiring public servant. Additionally, the idea of “hate crime” is another topic worthy of reexamination.

Recalling the days of the Trayvon Martin shooting, it was clear, in the aftermath and after all of the evidence was made public, that Martin was culpable in his own demise. But the Black activist community – essentially the precursor to the Black Live Matter “movement” – didn’t care about the facts. They wanted what is now recognized as “special interest justice.”

In an interview with syndicated radio host Tom Joyner, as reported by, Sharpton railed, “The intent to prove that Zimmerman did it because of his race, that is the legal threshold… Unless we change that legislation, we end up where we are in terms of the Trayvon Martin case. Clearly I’m disappointed. Clearly I’m sure the family is. But clearly the Justice Department cannot go beyond the laws as is written. As we fight these fights and continue to fight from Staten Island to Ferguson, we must change the threshold that you qualify a civil rights case for, or we will keep having these moments of activism that end up with cases of being disappointing…We got to change things, not just be disappointed.”

So, essentially, the good Reverend wants every shooting of a Black person not shot by a Black person to be evaluated as a “hate crime.” Evidently, there is no “hate” in the Black community.

Hate crime laws in general are discriminatory. I have for years made arguments that to have such laws elevates one demographic in society over others, thus creating a tiered justice system depending on the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, or your religion, among other things. Now, Al Sharpton – the Godfather of race-baiting – wants to lower the legal threshold for applying this discriminatory law.

We all know this is absurd! Data shows that the most crimes committed by blacks are committed by other blacks.

Just this past weekend in Chicago there were 45 peopled injured and 8 killed. Blacks killed and wounded in black communities by other blacks in Obama’s hometown. That’s right! But did you see anyone from #BlackLivesMatter protesting there? Did you see the media portraying the loss of innocent lives? Did you see any riots there? Did Rev. Sharpton speak out against that? NOPE!

Life goes on. There are no protests, because the crimes are blacks against blacks. Until the liberal media and even those in the black community STAND UP against this insanity, we will continue to see the same results – more killings of blacks by blacks in the black communities.

Obama has done NOTHING to help support blacks in black communities. He went from being the community organizer to being known as the racial divider of America.

Blacks have Al Sharpton and Barack Obama to thank for the racial protests and riots and the crimes in black communities. Instead of just jumping in front of a camera, being on stage and protraying blacks as “victims” – they should use their skills to organize communities around families and churches and rebuild those communities to Stand up and fight against black on black crimes. I know that’s probably asking too much.



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