After 6 Year-Old Dies, Parents Notice Something HEARTBREAKING He Left On The Table…

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As a mother myself, I find this story about a little boy who was battling a tough disease, incredibly heartbreaking.

Grab your tissues, you may just need them.
Leland Shoemake was only six years-old when he was battling against a rare and terrifying disease.

The sweet little boy from Williamson, Georgia contracted a free-living amoeba, Balamuthia Mandrillaris, which eventually led to a serious infection of the brain and spinal cord.

The amoeba can enter the body when soil containing Balamuthia comes in contact with wounds and cuts. And of course, Leland was a little boy, playing in the dirt was what he loved to do. Unfortunately, doctors believe this is how Leland contracted the infection.


“He’s being kept sedated but his pressures keep spiking,” Amber posted on Facebook. “They did a CT and it shows swelling in the brain and decreased overall quality of his brain. Also it looked like the infection has gotten worse. I’m broken.”13119067_603085679841454_3242712044006781896_n-600x1066

Leland fought until the end for his life, but on September 25th, 2015, he passed away.

It wasn’t until his devastated parents, Amber and Tim, returned home from the hospital,to pick clothes out for his burial, that they noticed a note sitting on the living room table.

It read:

Leland had left them a simple handwritten note in a spiral-bound notebook. When Amber read the words, she imediatly broke down in tears…

I’m sure these parents won’t forget a single memory about their son, the sound of his voice when he played, or the little corks that were uniquely him. It would be hard not to think about all of the times you messed up as a parent when your child is gone. What a good reminder not to let today slip away because you never know what tomorrow holds, you could be left with only memories of your loved ones.

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