58 Seconds of Bizarre Hillary Video She Can’t Explain! [MUST SEE VIDEO]

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If you have ever been around people on drugs and alcohol, you know that Hillary is definitely on something during this interview.

She is loud, her eyes are wide, and she is definitely not herself. Her whole demeanor is off.

Then she asks why she is not 50 points ahead? George Washington himself couldn’t be 50 points ahead!

Watch the video message to the Laborers’ International Union of North America:


This just adds to the ever-growing problems she has with the perception that she is very ill.

It is indisputable that she is on something. If your child came in the door acting like she does in this video, you would be fully suspect!

Hillary is just beginning to leave her recent TOTAL COLLAPSE on camera behind her. Add that to all the coughing and other on camera issues, she is a walking mess!

No one in the MSM seems to be worried, however. If this was a Republican candidate it would be 24 hour a day news until he or she was no longer viable.

The health of the most powerful leader of the world is definitely a concern. The role commands a lot of power and is very taxing on the mind. It is most likely the most stressful job in the world.

Hillary Clinton has coughed uncontrollably at least 8 times on the campaign trail, at the Benghazi hearings, and in an interview in 2008!

Rudy Giuliani ripped Hillary Clinton on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning for the use of her concussion as an "excuse" for her mishandling of classified information..

(Unless it is a ploy, the only other reason I know for having continual uncontrollable coughing fits would be smoking weed. #JustSayin)

The Mayo Clinic states that Chronic Cough is defined as lasting Eight WEEKS or longer. Hillary Clinton is on camera uncontrollably coughing multiple times for Eight YEARS!

Also recently, Hillary Clinton had a breakdown on right on live TV. This one is crazy!

When a protester appears, Hillary freezes. Psychologists claim that a stressful situation can trigger a  freeze response.

Insane! She doesn’t look well BEFORE she freezes!


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