X-ray Machine at Checkpoint Exposes Horrifying Thing Stuffed In Couple’s Duffle Bag:

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A couple hoping to flee to Mexico were abruptly stopped in their tracks, thanks to an X-ray machine at the Mexican checkpoint. When workers made the grisly discovery they were absolutely horrified, you can imagine that they see all kinds of stuff in those duffle bags, so it takes a lot to phase them.

A toddler living in LA didn’t have the usual childhood other fortunate children do. For this young girl, hunger and thirst were her constant companion, and the two people that should have loved her the most could careless about her safety. When she went to bed at night she didn’t get a bedtime story, her parents didn’t spend money buying her new clothes and food, or even warm blankets to keep her from shivering at night. All of this abuse piled up and the little girl ended up in the hands of someone else. If you can imagine it, things only got worse for her from there.

Johnny Lewis Hartley, 39, and Mercy Mary Becerra, 43, were going on a little vacation to Mexico, that is until they got caught carrying something they shouldn’t have been. When the employees unzipped the couples duffle bag, they smelled it before they saw it. A week old, soaking wet, decomposing little two-year-old body was crammed in their suitcase…


Today, police announced that the girl had drowned earlier that week at a home in the Los Angeles suburb of Whittier. She had also suffered from malnutrition and dehydration, a San Diego prosecutor said Friday. Deputy district attorney Kurt Mechals gave few other details about the case.


Johnny Lewis Hartley, 38, and Mercy Mary Becerra, 43, who are both heavily tattooed and from Whittier, were charged Friday with one count of murder each.
Both pleaded not guilty.


Officials believe they have identified the girl and located her parents, who have not been named, and Mechals announced that they will not be charged with murder.


He said no missing child report had been filed about the girl. Hartley and Becerra were not related to the girl but knew her parents, Mechals said.

The district attorney refused to give an explanation for Hartley and Becerra taking care of the child while her parents were missing. Even more suspicious…they wanted to keep quiet about the reason they had the child in their care, to begin with, and would say nothing about their motives for going to Mexico with her cold dead body rotting in their suitcase.

This is absurd! At the very least, the parents should have been charged for not reporting their child missing within twenty-four hours after they lost her! The justice system is seriously screwy!

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