If This Won’t Convince You to Vote Trump, Nothing Will

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America’s population may dwindle after the November election. Once again, a batch of fruitcake Hollywood liberals are threatening to leave the country if Donald Trump is elected president. Where have we heard this before? Oh yeah, this is the same bunch of nut cakes that were going to leave in 2004 if John Kerry didn’t get elected. Guess what? They’re still here. Unfortunately.

Here’s a partial list of people we hopefully won’t be seeing in January on U.S. soil.

4 Babs 1.

There’s obviously more, Spike Lee says he’s gone and Roseanne Barr won’t be here anymore to grace us with a rendition of the national anthem that San Francisco’s punk bench sitting quarterback would approve of.

Most of these idiots are threatening to go to Canada, assuming of course Canadians allowed him in. Streisand says she’s headed for Australia. Good riddance.

If you’d still need a reason to vote for Donald Trump, Barbra Streisand shuffling off to the other side of the world and people like Al Sharpton (I wonder if he’s got to clear is tax debt at first), Whoopi Goldberg, Cher, George Lopez, and a variety of lowlifes not dirtying up our streets should be more than enough reason.

I hope Pres. Trump issues an order blocking him from returning to the U.S. for any reason.

Now if we can just get the Obama’s to promise to leave.

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