Woman Thrown Stark Naked Out Of Moving Car, Immediately Get’s Even Worse Surprise…

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For unknown reasons, a woman was thrown totally naked from a moving vehicle in Russia. You would think that would be bad enough luck, but it doesn’t end there for this poor woman. When she landed on the pavement she was a crumpled lump laying in a puddle. Then two men saw her and took advantage of the situation. They dragged her off into the bushes.

Seconds later the neighbors that had just called the police heard screams from down below their apartments. The men that took her to a more private area and then had their way with her during her impaired state. It was a rape and run. Witnesses reveal the details…


One witness said they saw a ‘beautiful tanned woman lying in a puddle on the road’ and that she was unconscious.


Residents watching from their balcony in a nearby apartment block on Morozova Street called the police.
‘Before officers arrived, two men passed by. One dragged the woman from the puddle to bushes nearby, and from the screams, tried to rape her,’ the witness said.


Unfortunately, these men fled before the police arrived and the victim wouldn’t say anything about the situation during the police interview. Does anyone else find this a little suspicious? No one near her even intervened! Is there something scary about these two men that we don’t know about?

An anonymous source told local news that ‘Police have talked to her already. She is trying to avoid answering whether or not she was raped.’ The entire situation is odd, they don’t even know why she was thrown out of the moving vehicle in the first place.

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