Woman Stumbles Off Cliff, Desperately Reaches For Boyfriend,Watch What He Does

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Would your significant other jump in front of a car for you? I know it seems ridiculous, but what if they wouldn’t? Is that relationship considered bad? That whole Darwinism thing might be stronger in certain people. It was for this man, that’s for sure.
Bikini-clad-girl-has-a-horrifying-slip-off-a-cliff (1)
In the video below this woman appears confident and ready to jump, then just as she starts to lift off, she changes her mind, grabs for her man annnnd wait for it…

Bikini-clad-girl-has-a-horrifying-slip-off-a-cliff (2)

He calmly watched as his girlfriend reach for him as she plunges out of view. What do you think? Should he have pulled his foot away? Or was that a pretty messed up thing to do? Many people think he was right for moving out of the way. If he hadn’t let her fall he could have been seriously injured, and if it weren’t someone you loved, rightfully so you should move your foot.

If the situation were reversed and that were my husband falling I would have done my best to help him. Then again, I do love him, and there is that love is blind and stupid saying…


So which is it, justice or mercy? She committed to the jump, why let her drag him down with her while hurting himself in the process?

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