Woman Floored When She Spotted What Store Employee is Doing In Parking Lot

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We have all seen some pretty strange things when we’re out shopping. When this North Carolina woman spotted a store employee in the parking lot “taking care of business” as she was about to leave she was utterly speechless.

At first, she didn’t think anything of it, but upon closer inspection, the only option she had to show the world what he was doing was to snap a picture of the act. Now it’s been shared all over social media.


Donna Bauer had been shopping at her local Food Lion when she noticed it was pouring rain outside. Braving the weather, she continued into the parking lot to load her groceries inside of her car. However, she was distracted from the task at hand when she spotted a Food Lion employee standing in the rain. When she took a closer look, she was left absolutely floored to see what he was doing – he was holding an umbrella for a dog.


Instead of positioning the umbrella in a way to protect both himself and the helpless animal from the downpour, he chose to expose part of his backside and get himself wet in order to allow the dog to stay as dry as possible. When Donna saw what he was doing for the animal, she realized she couldn’t let his selfless act to go unnoticed so she snapped a quick photo and shared it on the Love What Matters Facebook page, where it’s now going viral. Her post was simple, reading, “Employee of Food Lion in Garner, NC taking care of a customer.????”

The kind act has now been noticed by many people who are all floored by the employee’s selfless deed.Aww_zps3509580d “Oh how absolutely wonderful for this young man to give some shelter from the rainstorm to this poor dog stuck in this truck,” one commenter noted. However, some commenters were upset with the dog’s owner for leaving him in the rain, but I wouldn’t hesitate to assume that the weather was nice before the owner went inside the store, only for a rainstorm to ruin their plans.

We are so used to the cruel world we live in that when someone in society does something kind it seems out of the ordinary. Sad. When we are so focused on ourselves that we forget to care about others our life is lacking big time. In fact, a neuroscientist did a brain imaging study that proved the very same pleasure centers in the brain were activated when we give service versus when we experience pleasure! In order to take care of ourselves, we need to care about others.

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