She Woke Up In Frozen Funeral Home Room, What Happens Next, OMG!

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A 92-year-old woman passed away in a retirement home. Shortly after she was brought to the morgue her eyes fluttered open and she took in her strange surroundings she cried for help and that’s when the chain of events occurred that pushed her toward her real death…

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The woman’s caregiver found her with no pulse and breath at the retirement home. A doctor declared dead the old lady, who was seriously ill, prompting the retirement home staff to send the woman’s body to the funeral home, reports The New York Post. The doctor admits she possibly misdiagnosed the patient as dead because of the lack of breath and pulse.

Fortunately, an employee at the funeral home heard her scream and let her out of the refrigerated room. She was sent to a hospital for treatment.

The discovery led to the filing of negligent bodily charges against the 53-year-old doctor who pronounced the old woman dead. Birgit Juergens, the Essen prosecutor, said on Tuesday that the physician could face a fine or jail term if convicted.

But being old and sickly, the woman died two days after the incident in a hospital. She succumbed to a heart ailment that was not related to what happened to her in the funeral home.

Similar incidents have occurred in the past as well. One 46-year-old man was declared dead and then 45 minutes later someone saw his arm and leg twitch, saving him from the unfortunate experience this old woman had.

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