Will Gay CNN Reporter Survive in a Sharia Nation for One Week?

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Sharia law is a set of religious principles based on the Koran. Muslims are required to live by it. The law effects worship, commerce, crime and punishment, and even marriage and divorce. Sharia law bans such behavior as drinking, adultery and drugs. Adultery is a crime punished by stoning and often ends in death. Drinking and gambling leads to being whipped. Husbands can hit their wives. Theives get their hands cut off. Homosexuals are executed.

When someone like CNN’s liberal crackpot Sally Kohn tries to school Donald Trump on Sharia Law, it would seem fitting that the best schooling or advice would be to actually experience Sharia Law herself. That’s just what one person has done with a petition: challenged Sally to live under Sharia Law for one week! What a great idea, don’t you think?


CNN’s resident militant lesbian and shaven down she-sasquatch Sally Kohn has been attempting to school Donald Trump as of late on what exactly Sharia Law is. Not only in her well publicized CNN op/ed piece, but on social media as well.

Or as Kohn cites in her editorial:

“Every practicing Muslim — whether traditional or conservative or progressive — in some way follows Sharia,” says Wajahat Ali, a Virginia-based writer and creative director of Affinis Labs. “There’s no book called Sharia. You can’t rent it. It’s subject to human interpretation and is malleable, thus explaining how Muslims have existed for 1,400 years in nearly every society.”

Perhaps being the crack at the end of Kohn’s Sharia For Dummies tutorial whip would be her recent tweet to The Donald.

Presumably, Kohn’s believes that “progressive Muslims” also adhere to Sharia. But keep in mind, it’s a kindler, gentler Sharia Law.

Perhaps in a move to force Kohn to figuratively put her money where her mouth is, the enigmatic Jon Lo has taken to Change.org in search of 15,000 signatures for his online petition.

As of press time, the petition officially tagged Spend one week in a country where Sharia is the law for LGBTQ-rights (without bodyguards), has garnered 11,403 in less than a week, and without much publicity.

Presumably twice dipped in the batter of sarcasm prior to deep frying Kohn’s hypocrisy, Lo’s petition states:

Like I said, I think it’s a great idea for a liberal like Sally Kohn to follow her OWN advice. Let’s support Jon Lo and help deliver a lot of signatures to support his petiotn for Kohn living in a nation for one week under Sharia Law. Of course, if Kohm is such a the “guru” she says she is of Sharia Law, she will want to get the WHOLE experience.



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