WikiLeaks Founder Has Hillary Email to Release in October That Will End her Campaign?


Hillary’s email troubles are far from over. Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, indicated in an interview that there’s more to come. A lot more to come.

The next round of leaks are going to demonstrate that Hillary Clinton is owned – lock, stock, and barrel – by the Russians and the Saudis. For the last couple of weeks Hillary has been attacking Donald Trump over his ties to the Russians, but he’s a small player compared Hillary.

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Assange noted, “There is a much deeper connection on record with Hillary Clinton and Russia than we are presently aware of. Hillary Clinton did quite well strategically to draw connection between Trump and Russia because she has so many connections of her own.”

And then there is the Saudis.

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“Saudi Arabia is probably the largest single donor to the Clinton foundation, and you can see [Hillary’s] arms export policies when she was a Secretary of State favoring extensively Saudi Arabia.”

Not only does Hillary have significant national security problems with her email practices, it looks like she’s got significant legal and ethical issues as well. When she was Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation and the State Department were, at times, operating as one with Hillary’s staff frequently doing favors for the Foundation and Foundation favorites mysteriously finding work in the State Department for which they were uniquely unqualified.

Hillary Clinton is the head of the Clinton Crime Family and they make the Mafia and the Mexican cartels look like small players.

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