Wife Bites/Stabs Husband With Scissors After Seeing What He Drank

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This is one lady you don’t want to piss off. When a Pennsylvania woman saw what her husband had been drinking she flipped her lid and went totally berserk! It wasn’t his to take and he did, and that was that, her last straw had been used and she went in for the attack.

Everyone understands the frustration of having their spouse steal the last tasty snack in the fridge, it can be seriously aggravating. But, there is a line that separates frustration with crazed anger over something that isn’t that big of a deal.

Tracey Lee Giffin faces an aggravated assault charge in Fayette County after stabbing and biting her husband over something as silly as snagging one of her beers.
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According to police, Giffin and her husband went to sleep that night before Giffin awoke only to discover her husband had swiped one of her brews. That was it, she’d made up her mind, she took a pair of scissors and sliced his neck, chest, and head, then went on to bite his thumb and arms.

Whatever happened to “what’s mine is yours” in a marriage and all that jazz? Apparently, this selfish wife doesn’t believe in sharing because this isn’t the first time she’s landed herself in jail for attacking her lover over food. In 2013 she and her husband appeared in a local report after cops said she asked him to buy BBQ sauce and he forgot the item while he was out.

This is one serious foody, that doesn’t mess around with her meals, from the outside looking in, you’d think America had a shortage of food instead of a surplus.

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