Wealthy Middle Easterners Buy Their Way Into America: Guess Who’s Helping?

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You’ve heard about the Muslim Gold Star father, Khizr Khan, that the Democrats trotted out at their convention to hammer Donald Trump. You probably won’t be surprised to learn there’s more to the story in your hearing about if you pay any attention at all to major media.

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Kahn’s son was a captain in the U.S. Army who was killed in action. He made an inflammatory speech at the Democrats convention accusing Trump of being a racist and essentially being anti-American. Unfortunately, Donald took the bait and there’s been a finger-pointing match going on for the last week. It’s at a level now that Trump really can’t win because the news media won’t report who Khizr Khan really is. All they want to do is McDonald look bad.

Here’s the story you won’t find on ABC or in the New York Times.

Khizr Khan has a law firm that specializes in working with Middle Eastern patrons who want to buy their way into the U. S. with an EB-5 visa. You’ve probably never heard of an EB-5 visa, but it’s a program that has been repeatedly misused by high-ranking Democrats.

The program allows wealthy foreigners – and in the case of Khan, they’re all Middle Eastern Muslims – buy a U. S. visa that will lead to U. S. citizenship. It’s a program that is rife with corruption in the Senate Judiciary Committee has been looking into it in the hopes of shutting it down.

After Khan’s business was discovered his website was mysteriously deleted. Why would he do that if it was a legitimate business?

Even more interesting is the fact that Kahn spent nearly a decade working for a DC law firm called Hogan & Hartson. That law firm has been on retainer to the Saudis for decades and they donated somewhere between $10 million and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation. They’ve also done the Clinton’s taxes and other extensive legal work for Bill and Hillary.

Somehow, ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, and Washington Post have all missed this story. I wonder why that could be?

So the question remains open, who is Khizr Khan, and what is his connection to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, and Saudi Arabia which just happens to be the root of much of the world’s Islamic terrorism.

Will probably find that out by reading the New York Times in the same issue they publish Barack Obama’s college records.

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