WATCH: Swimmer Takes Selfie, Horrified At What Recording Captured Just Feet Away

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A couple of friends were taking a dip in the Wynoochee River in Washington state when one of them pulled out their phone to take a group photo. Instead of capturing the good time they were having in the warm summer sun, they were baffled at what had been captured on video just a few feet away from them. Now the police are involved and it’s a pretty cut and dry case since there is perfect evidence of what happened.

Kaylub Fawley watched everything unfold, they were all gathered together enjoying themselves when the unexpected happened. Now he’s just glad to be of help since he got it all on his phone.

His friend was about to do a trick in the water, so Kaylub grabbed his phone and started recording, it was then that something behind his buddy caught his eye instead.

After turning the evidence into the Sherriff’s office first, Kaylub uploaded the shocking incident on social media. Brianna Jones, who had been swimming near Kaylub and his friends, heard screaming and crying mere seconds before the little boy landed in the river, having been chucked off the 20-30 foot tall bridge by his mother and her friend.

Kaylub told reporters: “As soon as he hit the water, my heart sank, I felt so bad, I didn’t know what to do,”. “I saw the little boy and I had a gut feeling, I was like alright I got to start recording this, and as soon as I started recording, he went off,” he explained that he’d witnessed a male and female drop the 4-year-old over the edge. By some miracle, the toddler survived the fall. The adults that threw him off are not off the hook just because he survived.

The sheriff’s department announced that they are heading an investigation on the boy’s mother and the friend who assisted her in tossing her son off the ledge. The duo is expected to be charged with reckless endangerment, Child Protective Services has also been asked to investigate. I can’t believe that there is a mother heartless enough out there to throw her own child off of a 30-foot bridge! If she was willing to let him fall from a bridge there must have been a lot more going on at home than bedtime stories and bubble baths. Reckless endangerment is the least these horrible worthless people should be charged with. They should also be charged with child abuse and neglect. If society had harsher punishments for these kinds of crimes, how often do you think things like this would occur? My guess….not near as much.


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