Watch Michelle Malkin Make the Idiots on “The View” Look Stupid: [VIDEO]

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If you’re a conservative, you’re very familiar with Michelle Malkin. She’s a conservative blogger, political commentator and has a weekly syndicated column. She is also a contributor on Fox News. In addition, Malkin founded the conservatives websites Twitchy and Hot Air.

Michelle Malkin, author of the recent book “Culture of Corruption” took her wisdom and looks to the liberal idiots like Joy Behar and others on “The View”. Not sure why Malkin would waste her time or wisdom on the show or viewers of the show, when she has absolutely more common sense in the first few pages of any of her books than all the hosts combined, but you be the judge:

I love it when one host says…”You write faster than I can read…at this point”…What does that mean? She’s taking a class on speed reading?

Of course, Barack Obama sold out Americans. He promised those who voted for him…”hope and change”.

Then Obama rode in on his white horse and did the same old, same old, but took it to the next level…especially when it came to putting in place 44 czars. Czars which many to this date have NO Idea what they do besides pass paperwork between desks or emails between computers. It’s BIG government at it’s finest…and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

If Joy Behar of “The View” was even slightly familiar with Michelle’s work, she would have known that Michelle has been at the forefront of criticizing ANYONE about cronyism and corruption – Republican or Democrat for the past almost two decades. I highly doubt Joy has read ANY of Malkin’s work based on her comments.

In Malkin’s book “Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies”, she examines Obama and his administration and the wide and vivid display of Chicago politics in action. Corruption that’s been there since Obama’s first day in office and will continue if Hillary Crooked Clinton is elected, only to a much worse degree. We’ve already seen glimpses of it with all the “pay-to-play” Clinton Foundation scandals, email server scandal, Benghazi and much more.

Kudos to conservatives like Michelle Malkin and others like her, who are willing to stand up and blow the whistle on those in government who continue to steal, cheat and think they are above the law. Principles matter! It’s too bad Joy Behar doesn’t have a clue.  But it’s too bad for us, these are the same people who keep electing the idiots like Obama who are destroying and corrupting our government. Rember when Obama said this was going to be the MOST transparent government?… NOT!








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