Want to Watch A Video of Judge Pirro Ripping Hillary a New One?

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How many times can Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president, lie to the public AND get caught in the act? How about lie to Congress? And what about lie to the FBI and get caught? It looks like not only several times, but over and over again. It just doesn’t seem to matter. It’s called oath. It’s called the Constitution. But THIS administration and Clinton really don’t give a damn!

Clinton recently appeared on Fox News Sunday in an interview with host Chris Wallace. When asked about the truthfulness of her statements to the public, regarding how she handled classified emails, she asserted that FBI Director James Comey vindicated her, when in fact he proved the opposite. Clinton said Comey said her answers were “truthful” and “consistent”. SERIOUSLY???

Judge Jeanine Jirro explains. Watch it for yourself!


I’m with Judge Jeanine. How could Hillary Clinton CONTINUE to lie EVEN after FBI Director Comey said UNDER OATH to CONGRESS – Clinton’s answers were “NOT TRUE”! Seriously, if it were ANYONE else they would be indicted by now! Lock this woman up!

Gowdy: Secretary Clinton said NOTHING was marked CLASSIFIED on her email – sent or received. Was that true?

Director Comey: NOT TRUE.

Gowdy: Secretary Clinton said she did not email any classified material on to anyone on her email. There was no classified material. Was that true?

Director Comey: NOT TRUE. There WAS CLASSIFIED material. 

Gowdy: Secretary Clinton said she used just one device. Was that true?

Director Comey: NOT TRUE. She used multiple devices during the 4 years

Gowdy: Secretary Clinton said all work related emails were returned to the State Department. Was that true?

Director Comey: NO. We found THOUSANDS were NOT returned.

Gowdy: Secretary Clinton said that neither she or anyone else deleted emails on her server. Was that true?

Director Comey: That is hard to answer. 

Gowdy: Did her lawyers read her emails?

Director Comey: NO

COME ON PEOPLE!!!! Hillary Clinton – the Democratic candidate for president LIED not once, not twice but OVER 10 times during the questioning. Yes, Judge Jeanine – Honest Abe must be rolling over in his grave.

The office of The President of The United States  – deserves a LOT more honesty!!!!


Hillary Clinton just continues to double down on her lies, even when we witness the Director of the FBI being grilled in front of Congress – under oath – stating what Clinton said was NOT true – MULTIPLE TIMES! For anyone who has the intention of voting for Clinton “Queen of Corruption” for President – Tell me: What more evidence do you need? Seriously??!!!

And CLINTON has the NERVE to say she must have been “shortcircuited”? REALLY?!!

Clinton SHOULD have said – she LIED! She was caught in the lie and she’s NOT going to be indicted! THAT would have at LEAST been TRUTHFUL! Instead she says she was “SHORTCIRCUITED”!!! Shut the front door!

Director Comey is putting the ENTIRE reputation of the FBI at risk. If the Federal Bureau of Investigation – the federal law enforcement agency refuses to apply justice to Hillary “Queen of Corruption” Clinton, you really have to ask yourself – are ANY laws being enforced? What if she wins – will ANY laws be enforced THEN?

What happened to upholding the Consitution? Director Comey will have to pay the price – probably before Hillary ever does.

Just remember Director Comey – as Judge Jeanine says – “if you want to lie with dogs, expect to get fleas!”








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