Want to See Greg Gutfeld Give Geraldo the SMACKDOWN? WATCH!


Geraldo Rivera and Greg Gutfeld are two of the panelists on the Fox News show, The Five. Recently the discussion centered around gun control and you can probably guess where Geraldo came down.

Geraldo wants the second amendment repealed, and like most gun control advocates spouted “statistics” taken completely out of context. Every gun control argument is based on lies and Geraldo’s arguments were no different.

Greg Gutfeld pounced on Geraldo and showed him to be the fool he is.

Gutfeld is absolutely right. It turns out that almost 60% of murders and over 50% of all violent crime are committed by less than 6% of the American population. That would be Black males between the ages of 15 and 35.

That is a very inconvenient truth for people like Geraldo and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who want to eliminate the Second Amendment and confiscate your guns. You would think that a black lives mattered they would admit the real problem and be willing to do something about it.

But then we know that to Democrats black lives only matter as a talking point so the media doesn’t have to talk about Hillary’s email problems.

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Michael Becker is a long time activist and a businessman. He's been involved in the pro-life movement since 1976 and has been counseling addicts and ministering to prison inmates since 1980. Becker is a Curmudgeon. He has decades of experience as an operations executive in turnaround situations and in mortgage banking. He blogs regularly at The Right Curmudgeon, The Minority Report, Wizbang, Unified Patriots and Joe for America. He lives in Phoenix and is almost always armed.


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