[VIDEO] Black Man Viciously Beats White Woman In Broad Daylight!

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A couple days ago, a very disturbing video was posted on social media. A Chinese man drug a woman like she was nothing more than a dead dog across a 6-lane highway. Not one single person reached out to help her, they acted like this was the sort of typical behavior you would see every day. Apparently, it’s okay for Chinese men to beat their woman. Sounds absurd right?

When you see this you may think…’it is China after all, of course, they treat women poorly’. Did you know this sort of thing happens here too? Try living in the Bronx when your a white woman. This lady certainly didn’t fair to well. What the bystanders did was almost worse than the actually beating she got!

I have never seen anything like this happen, but people claim it is common and that “Society has changed — men hitting women is now accepted activity.” .

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It’s pretty sick that the man who taped this video found it amusing that the woman was mauled. The only thing that can be heard is the lady, in the beginning, saying: “My father is going to find you and f*ck you up.”

The rest is history, it’s gone viral on social media. If rolls were reversed and it was a black woman getting repeatedly hit by a white man the news would be all over this, Obama would probably even interject his opinion to further the race war that he initiated.

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