Upholsterer Shocked To Find THIS Inside Old Chair, Uncovers Piece Of History

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2016-08-16 20_14_05-Robert Rich, Author at Mad World News

An upholsterer noticed a gold mine and persuaded a customer to bring the beauty in. He didn’t know what was hidden under the chair, he just thought it was a nice looking piece of furniture but, when he started to cut it apart he discovered a very old part of history laying inside.

The man he’d fixed that chair for said it was from Germany and looked ‘worse for wear’.


Fortunately, the upholsterer was more than confident that he was the man for the job and persuaded the other man to bring in his old and tired furniture so that it could be restored. Although the cushions were stuffed with straw – pointing to just how old this thing actually was – that wasn’t the most shocking thing inside.

You can imagine the craftsman surprise when he began to disassemble the chair only to find a very large swastika inside. Clearly having been made back in the 40’s, the hidden symbol piqued the man’s interest. Finally, he was able to remove the cloth that was hidden away, revealing the entirety of the unusual find.

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Although it had marks from the springs on the fabric, the full image depicted the Nazi Eagle, or Nazi War Eagle. Fortunately, someone else was able to figure out exactly what they were actually looking at, as a commenter explained that it was part of an old re-purposed ration sack used during WWII.

Even going so far as to add a picture of what they actually look like, the fellow Redditor also states that the Germans “made a bajillion of these back in the day.” After the war, they were used for all kinds of creative things. Seeing how no one really wanted to see the Nazi swastika, it was purchased for dirt cheap and then used for things like the interior of a chair, where no one would ever see it – or so was the plan.

The upholsterer was extremely happy with the find and believes that he fell across quite an interesting piece of history. In the end, the chairs final design was finished and looked exactly how the customer had hoped.

History is hiding everywhere, even in places where we least expect it. Who would have thought an original swastika from WWII would be hidden under a chair? The swastika has a very interesting history that many might not know about, it wasn’t always a symbol of slaughter…

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