University Offers New “Stop White People Training”

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Tada! The hypocrites strike again. Black people only cry racism when it suits their needs. If they are racist, it’s justified because they are just “sticking up for themselves”. A New York university is now offering a new course called “#StopWhitePeople2K16”. They say this is just routine training for residential assistants. Bullcrap. They are being black bullies!

It’s pretty sad when one of New York’s top ranking public colleges is allowed to make such blatant hateful acts against white people.

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They state their purpose is to “help others take the next step in understanding diversity, privilege, and the society we function within,” presumably the “white” society they plan to bash at the event.
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The three RA’s claim they will give “#StopWhitePeople2K16” course attendees the “tools” to respond to “uneducated people” with “‘good’ arguments.” You know, the people who preach mutual respect, equality under God, and constitutional freedoms. Those people.

They also state they will help other RA’s at the state-funded college “hopefully expand upon what they may already know”: that white people are cancer, of course.


RA’s are important in college dormitory and residential life, they serve as mentors and role models, if they are starting to divide students based on the color of their skin not only is it petty, but it’s racist against white people.

The university’s conservative paper reported that the course schedule was publicized and seemed to be a necessary part of RA training. It is frightening when you see racism publicly endorsed and so easily accepted by the majority.

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